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Do I have IMAP or POP3

Higher security with IMAP

Not only is it easy with IMAP, it’s also secure. Whether your device has been stolen or has crashed, all your emails are stored securely, stored on Work2Go’s server.

The downside of POP3 is that it saves all email on one device

If you have your account as a POP3 account on your device, all messages are downloaded from Work2Go’s server and the account quota is reset, each time the e-mail program is opened on the device. The danger is that if the device you have your email on crashes, and you did not make a backup yourself, you will lose all your emails.

How do I know which one I have?

For iPhone/iPad:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Passwords and accounts
  3. Click on your Work2Go email account
    On the top left you will see if you have IMAP

For Android:

  1. Open the settings for your Work2Go email account
  2. Click Server settings
  3. Look for the port specified for incoming email
    If you have 143 or 993, it’s IMAP
    If you have 110 or 995, it’s POP3
    If it says “ActiveSync” or “Exchange”, use ActiveSync connections to Work2Go


To further improve security and make it more difficult for attackers to improperly access accounts and / or information, we at WebbPlatsen will by default turn off certain functionality in the Work2Go service.

The functionality that is turned off goes under the description POP3. Most of our Work2Go customers do not use POP3.

If you need to continue using POP3, you only need to contact us and we will make sure that it is still activated for the accounts you specify. We recommend that you switch to IMAP instead, but have all the understanding that it is not possible for everyone.

We will implement this change on 2 November 2020.

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