Discount of Work2Go

  • 30% to all non-profit organizations
  • 30% to privat persons
  • 20% rabatt if you both have a website and Work2Go. The discount obtained on both agreements.

Discount not valid for Basic or Family.

Outlook Connector

Requires Work2Go Pro + Outlook 2007 or newer.

Work2Go Pro

  • Always have access to your contacts
  • Reminders from your calendar
  • Read and reply on e-mail, at any time
  • Additional disk space
  • Sync with Outlook

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Can’t receive e-mails in Outlook

Don’t you receive any e-mails to your computer? Go through the following steps to check the settings.
  1. Are you using the correct username and password?
    Test them by logging in to your Work2Go in a browser:
  2. You haven’t acceded your account limited size, have you?
    Hover your cursor over your name in the upper right corner of Work2Go to see your account size.
  3. Open Outlook and go through all the settings for the account, and re-type the password.
    NOTE! Requires the Secure Password Authentication (SPA) at login should NOT be selected.
  4. Remove SSL and change to port 143.




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