E-mail and collaboration server in the cloud

Work2Go is a tool specialized for communication and collaboration between different parties, in-house and externally to your customers and business partners.

We are a company that among other things, specialize in providing the service Work2Go, both for individual domains and accounts, and partly as a total solution in the cloud.

By keeping your Work2Go server at WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB, you won’t need to manage all the requirements that a separate email and collaboration environment can have on your business. Not to mention the need for a fast and reliable Internet connection 24/7/365.

Why keeping your e-mail and collaboration services in the cloud?

  • No license fees for your system or anti-virus protection
  • Anti-virus definitions updated continuously
  • Always the latest security updates
  • Daily backup
  • No hardware investments needed
  • No complicated updates of softwares or operating system
  • Advanced protection against spam

Price is based on a monthly fee

12-month contract from 600 EUR
24-month contract from 500 EUR

Interested of keeping your server in the cloud?

Call us at +46-854555470 for more information or fill out the contact form.