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If you want to be able to work with your e-mail in an e-mail client on a computer, mobile or tablet, you can create an account for it. Use IMAP as the account type because POP3 downloads and removes your emails from Work2Go’s server and saves them to your hard drive instead. There is a lot to think about and good things to know when you want to work with your e-mail in an e-mail client, click + to read more.

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It’s not only easy with IMAP, it’s also secure. Regardless of whether your mobile phone has been stolen or your computer has crashed, all your e-mails are in safe custody, saved on Work2Go’s server. Got a new computer? Then set up the account on your new computer and all, new and old, messages are available again. If, on the other hand, you had a POP3 account in your old computer, you would first have had to make a backup copy of the old e-mail messages, which you then had to import into your new computer, in order to be able to access them in the future.

The disadvantage of POP3 that save all e-mails on a computer

However, if you only manage your e-mail on one computer and not have any need to access your e-mail in more places, the POP3 accounts is a good idea, then you never have to think about account limitations. But it is probably the only advantage of POP3 accounts.

The risk with this is that if the computer you have your e-mail would fail, and you have not made a backup copy, you lose all your emails. Then it does not matter that we make backups of your account, because all e-mail anyway disappear from Work2Gos server and then also in the web interface, as soon as you launch your email program on your computer.

A fairly good solution

Configure your e-mail program so that messages are stored on the server, e.g. 30 days or more when available. In Outlook, you can find this setting when you go into your account settings > more settings > the advanced tab.