Take control of your inbox

As your inbox grows, the need of keeping it well organized grows with it. Work2Go can prevent you from loosing control, with quick and easy access to functions, spam filtering and virus scanner directly in your browser in an innovative interface.



  • Automatically handle new or sent e-mails by filters.
  • Write now – send it later.
  • Send from different senders and signatures.
  • Shared mailboxes and delegate responsibilities to a colleague.
  • Restore deleted e-mails and create your own retention policy.
  • View e-mail by conversation or as a list.


pro With Pro you also have access to your e-mail in your phone, tablet and Outlook.


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Personal and shared contacts

Collect all the company’s contact information to customers, suppliers and partners in different address books and share them with your colleagues.



  • Distribution lists for sending group e-mails.
  • Import and export contacts.
  • Contacts as vCards (electronic business cards).
  • Automatic generated list of contacts that match what is written.
  • Personal contact groups to send to smaller groups.


pro With Pro you also have access to your contacts in your phone, tablet and Outlook.




Powerful calendar for better organization

Always have a broad overview of what will happen in the future, both personal and work-related meetings and other planned activities.



  • Shared and private calendars.
  • Schedule meetings and book rooms and equipment.
  • Inviting voluntary and mandatory participants.
  • Calendar on your website or as an RSS feed.
  • WebEx plug-in.


pro With Pro you will also have access to your calendar in your phone, tablet and Outlook.




Get access to your account in your mobile and tablet

Your account is in safe hands with us and you will always be able to access it, wherever you are. With Pro it all works even easier.




  • Android • iOS • Windows Phone.
  • Mobile friendly Web interface.
  • Exchange for e-mails, contacts, calendar, etc. [PRO].
  • IMAP for e-mails.


pro Pro allows you to access your e-mails, contacts, calendar and reminders on your mobile and tablet. If it get lost, you can delete its contents from your Work2Go.




Collect files in one place – share them internally and externally

Work on your files in your computer, save them in Work2Go and always have them available, wherever you are.



  • Check out/in files from shared folders.
  • Share folders with different access levels.
  • Versioning of texts and other files.
  • Word processor directly in your browser.





Web-based account with many possibilities and features


  • Drag and drop
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Super search
  • Out of office message
  • Spellcheck
  • Shortcut keys

  • Tags
  • RSS feed
  • Prints
  • Import/export
  • Multiple themes
  • Several viewing modes

  • Shared to groups
  • Access rights
  • Color coordination
  • Task lists
  • Administrator login
  • More features …

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Product comparison

E-mail spam filters and virus protection tick_grey tick_grey tick_grey
Multiple senders, signatures and filters tick_grey tick_grey tick_grey
Out of office messages and read receipt tick_grey tick_grey tick_grey
Address books with vCard and distribution lists tick_grey tick_grey tick_grey
Calendars for appointments and reminders tick_grey tick_grey
iCal, CalDAV and link to WebEx meetings tick_grey tick_grey
File archive with versioning tick_grey tick_grey
Word processor and shared files tick_grey tick_grey
Customizable task lists tick_grey tick_grey
Sharing with several permission rights tick_grey tick_grey
Search, flags, tags, printing tick_grey tick_grey tick_grey
E-mail in e-mail application in computer or mobile tick_grey tick_grey tick_grey
E-mail, contacts, calendar in a mobile tick_grey
E-mail, contacts, calendar in Outlook tick_grey
Support tick_grey tick_grey tick_grey
From price per account/month EUR 12.9 EUR 8.9 EUR 4.9