Price list

Work2Go Pro

E-mails, contacts, calendar, mobile and all functions as in Work2Go.

Account size

1 GB

2 GB

5 GB

Price / account / month

15 EUR

17 EUR

20 EUR

Work2Go Standard 1 GB

E-mails, contacts, calendar, task list, file archives, etc. always available in a browser.

Number of accounts


5 or more

Price / account / month 10 EUR 7,50 EUR

Work2Go Basic 50 MB

Only e-mails and contacts.

Number of accounts


5 or more

Price / account / month 5 EUR 2,50 EUR

Work2Go Family

Work2Go Family is a package designed for a family which includes 5 accounts. This package can not be increased and not be combined with other discounts.

Account type (5 accounts)

Work2Go Pro 1 GB

Work2Go Standard 1 GB

Price / month 40 EUR 30 EUR

Work2Go Admin – We handle all your administration

Number of accounts




Price / month 100 EUR 150 EUR 200 EUR

Work2Go Server

Contact us for price.

Start up fee of 49,50 EUR (one time fee) will be added per domain in the purchase of all account types. When increasing the number of accounts for existing customers no start up fee will be added.