Consider security when you use a browser

A few years back there were not as many browsers as now. Now there is a wide variety to choose from. The question is which one to choose. One of the most important to consider when you choose browser is security.

One factor to keep in mind is how security issues are handled and how quickly they are resolved. Problems arising in Chrome, Firefox and Opera is considered to be less serious and are often quickly resolved, unlike those that occur in Internet Explorer. Take extra care with the less popular browsers, as they tend to get security updates later than the more popular ones. Another factor to keep in mind is whether it is possible for the user to set preventive measures for possible security vulnerabilities in the browser. Internet Explorer, for example, be made much safer if the user turns off many of its features. However, this can lead to certain websites and applications will not work as intended, which is obviously not a good solution either.

Note also that all browsers are more secure if you are logged in with the account with limited rights, such as the Windows default account. Another security risk is a browser add-on. With safety in mind, you should use as few extensions as possible and always update them.
Safari for Windows is not updated more and therefore we do not recommend this browser more.

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