10 things you definitely should not use when choosing a new password

Every year Google release a list of the 10 worst ideas you may have when choosing a new password. This list is created after conducting a study with over 2000 participants. This way you get a better understanding of what kind of passwords commonly used and can thus warn of the worst ideas in this list. As you can see from the list below, people continue to use passwords that consist of very easily available information often via social media like Facebook. This means that their online accounts are extremely vulnerable to hacking and can be compromised with a minimal effort from the villain’s side. Changing your passwords frequently, but avoid those presented in the list.

10 things you absolutely should not use in your password

  1. The name of your pet
  2. An important date such as a wedding anniversary
  3. A family member’s birthday
  4. Your child’s name
  5. Another family member’s name
  6. your birth
  7. Your favorite holiday
  8. Something related to your favorite team
  9. The name of someone close to you
  10. The word “password”

So, if your passwords (yes you do use different ones for each online account you have, right?) Contains something from the list, you should definitely replace them! In conclusion, we are now pleased to share with you some simple tips to follow when choosing a new password.

  • DO NOT use a password that contains the name of someone or something that you like very much.
  • DO NOT include any information in your passwords that can be easily detected by watching one of your accounts on social media.
  • DO NOT share your password with anyone regardless of who they are and how much you trust them.
  • DO NOT write down any of your passwords.

In the Google study, it also appeared a few bad password habits, namely that 48% of the participants shared their passwords with others and that 3% of them write down their passwords on a note that they save by their computer. Naturally, we do not suggest you to do something like that if you care about your safety online!

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