WebbPlatsen assigned AAA rating – one of the safest companies


Bisnode Credit AB submit WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB the AAA rating. Because of the costly investments in advanced technologies in 2009 dropped WebbPlatsen its Trust Ratings, but now we are back on top again. AAA is an elusive rating that only 2.9% of all Swedish companies succeed.

What does it really mean, to be a AAA company?

AAA (Triple-A) stands for the highest credit rating. In short, it is a company that is safe to work with, but also to be a customer of. To get this rating requires, among other things, that the company has been active for at least 10 years and have ratios that are significantly above the industry average. The site has maintained a solid balance sheet since its inception in 1998 and has survived the IT bubble and the financial crisis. WebbPlatsen considered to be long-term and do not intend to leave somewhere in a hurry. “Being a AAA company demonstrates to our customers that we are a stable supplier and partner they can trust and who will there also tomorrow to give the best service” says Mats Djärf.

To obtain the AAA assessed companies of 2400 points relating to the economy, fired operations, the establishment and ability to pay. AAA company must outperform its industry significantly at all assessment points. WebbPlatsen which has a pretty broad expertise available in three different businesses; Graphic design, Data processing, hosting and Computer programming. The statistics below show how well they stands out in comparison with other companies in the same industry.

Graphic design activities
12,696 registered companies
80 AAA companies
A total of 0.6% of all companies in the same industry.

Data processing, hosting
1734 registered companies
31 AAA companies
Overall 1.7% of all companies in the same industry.

Computer programming
32,195 registered companies
416 AAA companies
Overall 1.2% of all companies in the same industry.

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