Checklist for confirmation e-mails

Confirmation message sent or displayed when a person has done something on the web, for example, made a purchase, signed up for something, filled out an application to receive offers via e-mail, etc. are important and should not be overlooked. A successful confirmation message may lead to more satisfied customers, more sales and less traffic to the support department for questions about what happens next.

To simplify your work as you create your own confirmation messages, we have made a checklist of ingredients that you should include in confirmation messages.

  • Use a valid reply address (avoid the no-reply).
  • Remind the customer in the subject who you are and what the purpose of the email is.
  • Thank the customer no matter how big or small the purchase is.
  • Give customers the answers to all possible questions about the order as best they can.
  • Please link to the detailed answers on your website.
  • Information should be short and concise so the customer quickly get an overview.
  • Short sentences and bulleted lists.
  • Clear links to your website.
  • Clear “call-to-action”. What should the customer do next?
  • Personalizing message with the client’s name or the like.
  • Always use your logo so that the recognition factor is high and immediate.
  • Include all the information so that replacement or adjustment becomes easy for the customer.
  • View policy and that you value the information about the customer and will only use it for the benefit of the customer.
  • View all purchase conditions and other information that the customer gets to feel safe (ideally as a link to your website where all the information is available).
  • Have e-mails in HTML and preferably with pictures. But if you also have the option to send a message in plain text, so do not forget it! E-mail, such as sent to a some systems rarely show more than just plain text.
  • Include an interesting offer.
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