Work2Go after the latest Windows update

Since a lot of you seem to have issues to log on to your account in Internet Explorer, after the last major update from Microsoft Windows, so we thought we would hear of us to all of you and tell you how easy it is to solve this. While it is always nice to help you over the phone. But you can of course have other things to you that you would rather do than to call us.

Login in Internet Explorer

So if you use Internet Explorer, it may be useful to know that if you suddenly can not log in to your Work2Go account as usual, you only need to do a single click to proceed as usual.

The solution is to use the Compatibility browser

Click the paper icon up in the address bar and the problem is solved!
This is something that just needed to be done once. The next time you open the browser again, it will remember the setting and show your account in the correct format.


With the latest critical update from the Microsoft Windows includes an update to Internet Explorer Web browser 10. This update is automatic on most computers. Therefore, it is not certain that you notice that you get a new version of Internet Explorer 10.

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