Dear surfers: Refresh your browser

Shopping, visiting various social networking sites, read email, find places, perform banking transactions, Googling. They are some of the common tasks we do when we surf. You‘ve probably done all these activities yourself sometime. If you are like many others, you probably do these things every week and many of them every day, even.

We at WebbPlatsen, along with other designers and developers worldwide, definitely want you to have the best possible web experience. In fact, we engaged in the design and development of web sites spend countless hours each week to discuss and research on how we can make your Web experience so much better. But by using an older browser this possibility may be restricted for you. So read on to learn how you can drastically improve your experience on the web.

What’s wrong with old browsers?

Old browsers (especially Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8) are less stable and more vulnerable to viruses, spyware, malware and other security issues. Which is obviously great problems to worry about, especially for those who shop online.

Old browsers are slow and more likely to crash

First, old browsers are very slow. Every web page that is loaded in a browser, perform a variety of tasks. One of these tasks is to download different files. These files contain images, scripts, and other resources that help to improve the look and functionality of the site that you are visiting. Old browsers do not perform these tasks at the same speed as new browsers. This means that your Web experience is much slower and can sometimes even cause the browser to crash or freeze.

Old browsers can not display many new websites

Another problem with the old browser is that their display capabilities are very limited. For example to display a simple animation of an older web browser, the person who creates the site to either use an embedded video or Flash file (like those found on YouTube), or a lot of extra programming languages (JavaScript). In both cases, this means that the page will take much longer to load, which jams or is stiff down the browser and your website experience.
The new browser supports new web technologies (HTML5 and CSS3). These languages form the basis of many websites today. But unfortunately, many of these new websites not look or function properly if you visit them in an old browsers.

Why is new browsers better?

  • Significantly fewer crashes or freezes.
  • They are much safer and better able to protect you from viruses, malware and hijacking.
  • Web pages load much faster.
  • Provides a larger page / image area of a website.
  • A wide range of useful optional plugins and extensions that provide additional features to enhance your online experience.
  • New browser updated to the latest version automatically, or notify you when there is a new update to download.

Automatic updates

The last item in the list mentioned above, the new browser will automatically notify you if an update is a good feature. When you have a browser that is updated, you also automatically gain a number of important advantages in addition to those already mentioned.

  • You will rarely if ever encounter a website that says “Your browser can not display the website”.
  • If any known security risk are present, they will be corrected automatically.
  • Each time the browser upgrades the browser usually becomes faster, which means that the time you spend waiting for pages to load will be minimal.


There are countless reasons to upgrade your old browser and start using something new and updated. So trust us when we say that your Web experience will be infinitely more enjoyable if you choose to do so. No matter what you do on the web, read email, shop, bank or something else, an updated browser lead to a safer, faster, and far more beautiful experience.

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