Have you ever wondered what color to choose?

And if you already have a color, what new color would fit well with the one you’re already using?

Color has a great significance and is very subjective. What evokes a reaction in one person, can elicit a very different response in another. Sometimes it depends on personal preference, while at other times it depends on a person’s cultural background. Color theory is a science in itself and there are many different studies of how colors affect us, either individually or as a group. However, we can help you a long way when you’re standing there in two minds over what / which color / colors to choose between to give life to the project you are working on.

Whether you create websites, a new kitchen, scrapbooks, fabric patterns or designs can Adobe Kuler web application help you with it. For with Kuler you can quickly and easily navigate through different color variations and test thousands of themes already created by other users. The themes can be created in the color spaces of different kinds; RGB, CMYK and LAB, and they can also be represented as hex values ​​for use on the Web. When looking through all the themes you can sort them randomly or merely produce the newest, most popular or top rated. You can also search using keywords, title, creator, or hex color. You can even create your own color theme and upload if you want. It only requires a log-in page.

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