Keyboard shortcuts

Most programs have shortcuts to speed up the work for the user. Did you know that they are also available in Work2Go ?! Sure, it is probably not on everyone’s top priority list, to learn a list of keyboard shortcuts. But usually you do roughly the same things in your account, it may be worthwhile to learn precisely those shortcuts. You will find the complete list on the Preferences tab or if you hold down Ctrl + Q. You can also print the list. Many shortcuts are visible next to features in the menus in the toolbar or when you right click on something in your account.

I work a lot with tags on incoming e-mails that I do not have time to deal with immediately. Then I give them a suitable label to quickly understand what to do with it when I have time. To remove the label when I’m done with the message is quite complicated if you do it manually. First select the message, then right-click and then in the menu choose Mark the message with a tag > Remove tag.
Then it is much easier to only select the tagged message and then press the U key.


The 10 most useful keyboard shortcuts

Here is a list of the ones I find most useful and relatively simple to remember, especially if you think about what the activity is called.

N – New object
P – Print
T – Tag an object
U – Untag an object
R – Reply a message
A – Reply All
F – Forward a mesage
Ctrl + S – Save
Enter – Open an object
Delete – Delete an object

Hope this will be useful to you in your work with Work2Go. Please contact us if you have any questions, big or small.


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