Your online file archive


The briefcase is a useful part of Work2Go that lets you create custom folders to organize your projects and files uploaded from your computer. You can upload any type of file into your briefcase. Once the file is uploaded, you can access it from any computer, tablet and mobile with internet access. You can also save the attachments that you receive in emails. To save space on your account we recommend that you delete the file from email, after you have saved it to your briefcase. It creates a duplicate of the file when you save it.

Edit documents directly in the browser

You can also create Work2Go documents in your briefcase. They are simple to use and requires no additional software to open and edit them. Work2Go document opens in its own tab in the browser and that is where you edit them.

Check out a file for editing

You can share selected folders or your entire briefcase to your colleagues. When you share a folder with your colleagues, you should use out feature check out and check in when you want to edit a file. Then there is no risk that anyone will overwrite someone else’s file by mistake. When someone checks out a file, the file will be locked and there is clearly displayed with a lock on the file name. If you hover over the lock you can see who has checked out the file and when it was done. No one else can check out this file and edit it as long as it has not been checked back in and unlocked.

File versioning

If you see a triangle in front of a file, there is more than one version of it. Click the triangle and see the different versions and who has created or made changes to it. Thanks to this revision, the file can be restored to a specific version and unnecessary versions that just left lying around may be deleted.

I hope more of you have been inspired to start using this smart feature on your account now.


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