Out of Office

“Out of Office” is an expression I like! I can feel the holiday mood grabbing a hold of me when I go to activate my Out-of-Office reply in my e-mail account to inform the world I’m off on vacation.

Setting up your own Out-of-Office reply is a breeze in Work2Go. If you head over to Settings -> Mail: “Receiving Messages” (it’s the second section on that screen with preferences), you will find an input box where you can enter your custom message text.

You can also specify between which dates the auto-reply should be active. If you don’t feel comfortable with revealing the dates of your Out-of-Office period, you can simply leave those two checkboxes unchecked. There may be a number of reasons why you do not want to reveal this to someone sending you an e-mail message. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how you want to use this feature. Don’t forget to enable the checkbox above the message text box that says “Send auto-reply message”.

Activating an Out-of-Office message can also be useful even when you’re there in the office. Maybe you have a lot to do, a stressfull deadline or something like that and simply don’t have time to spend on e-mail. You may want to create a short and simple auto-reply message informing you have received the message, but that your reply may take a while. Anyone who sends you an e-mail will receive the auto-reply immediately and therefore, hopefully, gets less impatient to get a reply from you.

Hope you learnt a thing or two now. Next time I’ll be writing about sending out newsletters.


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