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My name is Helena Magnusson and I work at WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB. I’m usually the one you talk to first if you ever get a reason to call us. We have migrated your Work2Go account to an updated and more modern version with many new features and much improved functionality! I wanted to take this opportunity and inform you of our periodical Work2Go newsletter.

The purpose of this newsletter is to get you inspired! To give you a little break from work while allowing you to learn something new, or find new ideas about how you can use Work2Go. The idea is that reading this shouldn’t take more of your time than having a cup of coffee or eating an apple! It won’t be any time-consuming courses or so.

Work2Go contains a lot more than what is obvious at a first glance. Once I started to look into all the possibilities I was certainly very suprised. Like most people, my first impression was, “well great another e-mail application”. Just a bit more practical, since it’s possible to access it on-line from any computer at any time. But now when I have begun to recognize the full potential, I see the tool with brand new eyes. I do not mean to sit and praise and preach how grand Work2Go is. Like everyone else, I also encounter features that I either miss or don’t know how to find or how they work. So with these newsletters I want to tell you more about the various functions that are available, as well as to give you tips and maybe teach you a new trick or two. Keeping it all concise – without exaggeration, I promise!

Technology is not my main interest in life. It’s something that should work and be simple, just keeping it going without any hassles, and that’s how I want you to feel too while working with Work2Go.

While writing this, we are also about to launch a new website that will contain helpful guides, tips and other useful information. These newsletters will also be available to read and download from the new website.

I hope you’d like to continue reading my newsletters. I’ll start off writing the second one right away. Then I will tell you more about automated out-of-office messages. Vacation time is coming up!

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