The address book

The Address Book is surely short, an address book, and not so much more to write about. But the handling of the addresses can still be a bit of a challenge. It is not always crystal clear how and what you can do to save new contacts, how smartest send an email to several simultaneously or how to find the right address at all times. In several cases, there are several correct answers to a question.

Why are all the addresses I emailed to saved? I have not chosen this!

With the account there’s an address book called E-mailed contacts. Where are saved all the email addresses you’ve sent email to if you have the setting on your account. If you don’t want to save all email addresses, go to the Settings tab and Address Book.


Make sure to check the box at ‘Add new contacts …’ has no marker and then save the changes. Then click on the tab Address Book up in the main window. Choose the address book E-mailed contacts and delete all entries where if you do not want them to remain.

I would like to get the addresses in my address book as a list that I can work in Excel, how do I do it?

  • You can export all your address books at any one time, or choose one at a time. You get them exported to a .csv file.
  • To export a contact group all addresses will be placed on a long line in a cell. If you would rather have addresses arranged in a column, you can arrange this in Excel or similar programs.

I have a few addresses that I want to send an email to individually but also in group emails. How to go about it the best way?

  1. Start by downloading our template and then open it as a comma delimited file in eg Excel. Paste your contact information in each column and import it into Work2Go, suggested a new Address Book. Then you have the addresses sorted separately.
  2. Then it’s time to create a contact group that you use for group mails. Create a contact group. Go back to your .csv file and copy all e-mail addresses. Paste them in the box at the bottom right and save the contact group in the Address Book that you just created.

One important thing to remember is that the contact group is not updated if you add a new contact in your Address Book. If you want your new contact also should be included in your Contact group, you must add the address manually.

Now I have several addresses that I want to save in my Address Book, how do I do this easiest?

Then I recommend to download one of our templates, it opens as a comma delimited file and paste the new contact information in each column. Then just import the file into an already created Address Book or create a new one during the import.

The important thing to remember is that the file you import must be separated by commas and nothing to right field to be imported into the right place in Work2Go.

I’ll e-mail Donald, but does not remember his email address. How can I find him?

  • Try to write his name in the To-field in the email. Then you get a hit list of all Donald saved in your Address Book.

This requires that you have the following options selected in Preferences > Address Book: ‘Initial Search in the global address list when the contact switch is used,’ ‘Include addresses in the global address list’, ‘Include addresses in shared address books’ and ‘Auto-complete when a comma is entered’ .


  • Have you never saved Donald’s email address but knows he has emailed you, you can find his e-mail through the search function at the top.

How do I get my contacts sync to my phone?

  • First and foremost, you must have Work2Go Pro to sync your contacts to your mobile.
  • Since it is important that you choose it is your Work2Go account’s address is the primary address book of your mobile. All the contacts you have in your Work2Go account synced then over to your mobile.
  • Henceforth, when you add new contacts, be it in your mobile, or you have logged into your account on a computer, then you have the address information in both places.


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