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How the years pass by quickly. I know that I have written about the calendar in Work2Go before. This time I want to highlight the meeting bookings and special ability to be able to book rooms and equipment in the calendar in Work2Go.


Book a room for the meeting

Should you book a room for the meeting that you are planning, you can do so while creating the invitation to the meeting. This requires of course that someone has registered rooms on your administrator account first. If you do not know which rooms are registered in order to be booked, just click on Search’ without entering any search criteria in the invitation and you get a list of all registered rooms. If the room’s already booked, it appears clearly while you try to book it.

Invite a contact group to a meeting

Are you often planning meetings with the same group of people? Then create a contact group that you gather participants to. Then you just need to invite the group to the invitation. If it is a recurring meeting, such as monthly meetings, fill in an appropriate time interval for repeating the meeting.

Book equipment for a meeting

Just as reservation of rooms, you can book equipment to the meeting. This requires of course that someone has registered the equipment available to borrow on your administrator account first. Equipment listed as resources in Work2Go

Administration of booked equipment

The function to reserve equipment / resources is not only useful in meeting bookings. Is there for example a couple of loan computers or other equipment that is available for all to use, if necessary, are booking through a shared calendar a simple solution. Then you can quickly see if you need to borrow is available or not and if it is already on loan, you can see when it is available again.

Sign up rooms and equipment on the Administrator account


The look is a bit different when you log in to the administrator account. But do not let that stop you from start to register rooms and equipment. Do you have any questions, contact us, we will guide you through the process. And yes, everyone has an administrator account. Often, log in to that account as
At the top of the right corner it says domain administrator’ if you are logged on to that account.


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