The Outlook connector

Install the Outlook connector to your Work2Go Pro account Helena! It’s easy! Just download, double click and then done… Well… or… NOT!?!
I really don’t know how many times I restarted Outlook to get that box, where you need to fill in the settings needed, to finalize the installation. You see, I am the ‘lucky one’ having Outlook 2010 on my computer and the fact that this version is so user friendly, makes it a mystery to get hold of the settings that needs be done “behind the scenes” at some occasions… But I’m a stubborn person and don’t give up easily. Once I got it all done however, it all worked like clock work!


Work2Go Pro + Outlook Connector = flexible!

Once I got into it, I have to admit that it is actually very easy and even neat as well. And it’s so much more than just emails now. You can also use your tags from Work2Go, auto-reply message, filters, persona’s, reminders from your Calendar, access your shared mailboxes, Address Books and Calendars, and you can also get hold of your Tasks. The only thing I miss is the Portfolio and the Notebooks that I’ve saved in Documents.

You can still settle for having just a Work2Go Standard account and set up an IMAP account in Outlook. However this means that you can only manage your emails in Outlook. If you also want to get hold of the contacts you have saved in your Work2Go account, you need to export a file from Work2Go and then import it into your Outlook Address Book. When adding a new contact, you will need to add the contact twice. Once to Outlook and once to your Work2Go account in a browser. The same applies to entries in your Calendar.



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