Tips & tricks

ideas174Often it is not really as complicated as you think. It’s just that you do not know the handy shortcuts. Just because of this I will show you some convenient ways to perform various operations in Work2Go to you now and hope that they will give the occasional aha experience and simplifies your life.

Drag & drop

Drag and drop files of various kinds works best if you log in to your account using Advanced AJAX Mode.

  • You can do it from your emails and your calendars to schedule an appointment.
  • Changing the date on your calendar Posts by drag & drop in the weekly view.
  • Moving files between folders.
  • Attach a file to your email by drag & drop from your desktop to your email.
  • Select files and emails with tags.
  • Change the order of tasks in your Task Lists.


  • At the bottom left is a small calendar that facilitates the booking of appointments. Either right-click on the date you want to book something on, or you can drag and drop a mail on the date.
  • It need not be meetings. There is also a smart option if you want to be reminded of something at a particular time.
  • You can even quickly and easily produce all the emails that you sent or received on a particular day. The only thing you need to do is click on the date in the mini calendar.
  • Hold your cursor over a date a little while you will see which meetings are scheduled that day.

Chat with your colleagues

You have not missed that there’s a chat in your account as well?
At the bottom left, next to the mini calendar you will find it.
A simple yet useful way to communicate with your colleagues.

Mail from different senders

  • By means of creating multiple roles, you can send emails from different situations. From you as an individual, as an employee, as teachers, as association secretary or something similar.
  • Each role can have their own signature.
  • With filters, you can also get the answers you get when you mail from your different roles, sorted into different folders, completely automatically.

RSS feeds and podcasts

You can even mix business with pleasure in your account. If you subscribe to podcasts or RSS feeds, you can put them up in Work2Go and thus get notified when there’s something new of interest to download or read.

A file archive to share

  • You can email the files, or a link to a file directly from your briefcase.
  • Everyone you share your briefcase with don’t need to have the same access rights to its contents.
  • You can create and view presentations, directly from the briefcase.
  • When you want to upload files to your briefcase, it is usually easiest by your own file manager

Save only what is needed

It’s easy to save information. Often it’s unnecessary information as well and after a while your quota has exceeded. You can always purchase more disk space and if you think you need a lot more, you can even save money by upgrading to Work2Go Pro instead. But you can also keep your disk usage at a lower level by a few clicks.

  • Delete unnecessary emails and don’t forget that you also have all your sent emails saved in your Sent folder.
  • Save large attachments to your hard drive and delete them from the email.
  • When you save an attachment to your Portfolio, a copy of the file is created. If you only want to keep one, you can delete the file from the email.
  • And don’t forget to empty the Trash!



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