I thought I should have a brief walk-through of the Briefcase this time. It might be an unknown part of Work2Go for a few of you. But in reality it’s actually a central place of your account. Just as in all other parts of Work2Go you can of course also share your folders with others here. The key feature of the Briefcase is to use it as a central archive for files. If you keep them here, you can always access them from any computer or even your smartphone, wherever you are. Files can be anything from text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, images and other media files. You have also access to a word processor, spreadsheet- and presentation tools directly in your Briefcase. No other software needed! And you can even show off your presentations and slide shows from here.

Connect your Briefcase to your computer’s file manager

An easy way to manage files in your Briefcase is to use a so-called ‘WebDAV client’. A client like that allows a nearly invisible link between your computer and Work2Go. When it’s set up the Briefcase will appear as a folder or disk in your local file browser/explorer. If you are used to work on your files in a specific application on your computer, you can continue doing so and when it’s time to save the file, you simply drag & drop a copy of it to your Briefcase.

Email a file or link from your Briefcase

When you want to show a file that you keep in your Briefcase for someone, you can either attach it to an email or send a link to the file. What’s important to know is that anyone who has access to the link to the file, will also be able to make changes to it.


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