This year is soon coming to an end and a new year is approaching.
New year – new Calendar! Well that’s how it used to be at least. But by using ones computer more frequently, an actual new Calendar is really not the case. But it still feels like a natural time to take an extra look at your Calendar now anyway. Maybe it’s time for new routines, new projects, make more information available for more users… There are a lot of things that you can do with your Calendar and several clever settings to use. Here’s a brief introduction to some features that everyone should know of. Whether you think the features are useful or not, is surely up to you.

Share Calendar with your colleagues

Sharing a Calendar is a very efficient feature when you want to schedule appointments or just keep track of where your colleagues are. At the same time you can use it for adding private entries that’ll only be visible for you.

Access your Calendar in a mobile

As described in a previous newsletter, you can sync your Calendar to your mobile with Work2Go Pro. With a standard account, you can add a subscription to a Calendar instead, or use your mobile’s browser to log into your account and access it from there.

Publish a Calendar on your website

If you are handling reservations, it may be convenient to publish a public Calendar on your website. It’s also possible to set up RSS for new Calendar posts.

Additional time zones

Do you often have telephone conferences with someone sitting in another country?
Then it’s a good idea to use the option to show time zones while you’re scheduling an appointment and you won’t need to keep track of the time difference yourself.

Forwarding of invitations

Are you temporarily absent from your work and have a back up for your assignments? Then you can have you invitations forwarded directly to that person instead.




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