Folder management

Honestly, how many of you are good at using folders to sort your data in Work2Go?
Clear among all the available information. Delete what you do not really need more. Sort the remaining in folders, and gain better control of your own information. Therefore I thought to give some tips on how to clear your account with a few easy steps. Time for a little spring cleaning!

Step 1: Go through the folders that you have today

  • Do you have many folders?
    Begin to clear the largest folders first.
  • Is there anything that you no longer need?
    Delete the files and folders that are just lying around.
  • Suitable folder name is still with its contents?
    You can change the folder name afterwards.
  • If you have multiple folders that contain similar information?
    Why not color coordinate them in order to quickly and easily see that they belong together.
  • Do not want to sort your folders by alphabet?
    Then you can number them and yourself take control of the placement.

Step 2: Create more folders

  • Create as many folders as you need.
  • Create subfolders in several levels if it fits your information.

Step 3: Move files between folders

  • Are files put in the wrong place or they would fit better in another folder?

Step 4: Save attachments in portfolio

  • Have you got the attachments in your email that you want to save?
    Then you can choose to save the file in your briefcase.

Step 5: Create efficiency filter

  • Do not want to sort incoming e-mails yourself?
    With filters you can define rules that will do it for you, completely automatically.


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