Here’s me again, hoping you had a nice summer; not that summer is gone already, but I guess most of you are back at work again. For me that always makes me feel a little bit like summer has passed. Depressing to some, and exciting for others. The reason there was no July edition of this newsletter is that I wasn’t at the office.

I know many of you send out newsletters and other “send-outs” to clients and customers, and members, on a regular basis. If you do send these to a large number of recipients, I would recommend you to use actual Distribution Lists (DL for short) instead of simply copying many recipients into each message you want to send. Distribution Lists are created in the Administrator section of Work2Go. If you are not the administrator of your Work2Go accounts, perhaps you can ask her/him to aid you. It only takes a minute or two to create a Distribution List in Work2Go.

An alternative to Distribution Lists are Contact Groups, which you can manage in your regular Work2Go account, and if you are e-mailing your send-outs to only a few recipients, you can just as well pick them out manually from the Address Book in Work2Go. Typing the recipients’ names will also give you a fast autocomple functionality, if you’re only sending your e-mail to a few recipients.

Another tip is to use the Tag feature and tag your contacts with special tags that will make it easier to “group” them together. When it’s time for your send-out, you simply search for all contacts with a given tag. The flexibility of the tagging objects (contacts, documents, e-mail messages) is something I have come to appreciate recently.

Another new feature I like in Work2Go is the automatic saving function of an e-mail as a draft. You can start working on it, take a break and then continue again when you’ve regained the inspiration. It’s of course always a good idea to spend some time working on the layout too. Clarify the message with the use of lines, different font sizes, live it up with a colour, add links, images, tables etc. But please keep in mind that the appearance may change depending on which e-mail client the recipient is using in the end!

Feel free to take a peek at the links I’ve posted, I hope they can give you some ideas for your own newsletters. Next time I will talk more about my new Work2Go discovery: Tags!



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