Keep it neat and tidy!
I’m not really sure why I like the expression. But I guess there’s a part of me that feels more comfortable when things are put in order and easy to find. That’s probably the reason why I got hooked on using tags in Work2Go right away.
With tags, I can mark a bit of everything in my account, and it looks colorful and nice too!
For example you can tag messages that are related or highlight those that are more important or more urgent than others. When using filters, you can also get your incoming messages tagged automatically.

But it’s not only with mails that tags are brilliant. If you quickly want to get hold of some Contacts, without keeping them in the same Address Book or Contact Group, you can simply mark the Contacts with a tag and then run a search for that tag and you’ll have all tagged Contacts gathered in a list. In your Calendar, you can organize and keep track of  various appointments with tags and while working with files and documents is tagging a given feature. You can also add multiple tags to one object, which is very useful when a single file, contact, email, etc should be used in different contexts at the same time.

Finding a tagged object is very easy. Just double-click the tag in the left column and all tagged objects saved on that tab in Work2Go will be displayed in a list. You can also use the Advanced search to find all tagged objects in Work2Go, no matter under which tab they are kept.


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