Smart e-mail functions

There are many features you can use when working with your email in Work2Go. I’ll go through a bunch today. You can easily find the functions on your own, by clicking around on your account. But sometimes it’s nice just to be informed and avoid having to look yourself too, right ?! So therefore, it will be short and sweet little tips and tricks again, but with a focus on e-mail.

The appearance counts

You have not missed that you can change to different display modes by clicking on the View toolbar, huh?

  • Reading Pane on the right – typical Outlook looks.
  • Reading Pane at the bottom / off – now, you can sort emails based on the date, sender, attachments, subject or size.
  • Sort e-mails for messages each one individually, or by conversation when several emails with the same subject are merged into one record.
  • The actual theme / background colors, you can also change. You do this on the Settings tab> General.

Create filters to automate email flow

By creating filters, you can streamline the information flow and have more time for other things.

  • You can have your incoming mail sorted into different folders,
  • get e-mails forwarded to another address or
  • get them marked with tags, flags, etc., completely automatically.

Manage email without logging into your account

  • You can forward copies of the emails you receive to another email address. It can be a convenient option for someone else to manage your incoming e-mails for a limited time.
  • If the person also needs access to old emails, you share out your Inbox instead.
  • Do you want someone to be told that you have received e-mail, without getting the email, you can set it with.
  • Be sure to select the correct sender when you respond to e-mails from shared Inboxes. If it is a shared inbox, you should answer email from, create a role that you use as the sender.
  • If you are several who work with e-mails in a shared inbox, it may be a good idea to create subfolders, which you can drag and drop emails from. So it clearly shows what is done and what is left to work with.

Clean up your Inbox

The most controlled approach to delete emails with large attachments, do as follows.

  1. See your Inbox with the display mode Reading Pane at the bottom / off.
  2. Click the Size at the top of the toolbar to sort emails by size.
  3. Select the messages you want to delete. (Shortcuts like Ctrl+click and Shift+click works in Work2Go.)

If you do not want to empty your entire Trash at once, you can select the emails you want to delete and then click Delete on the toolbar (or right click and select Delete).

Searching for emails

Use the view mode Reading Pane at the bottom / off and sort emails based on the relevant option or use the search function at the top.

Email images

Want to send many pictures to anyone or high resolution images of several megabytes, it may be easier if you save them in a folder in your briefcase instead. Then emailed the link to the briefcase, to the person / persons you want to have access to your pictures. Even though you can send emails with heavy attachments on several megabytes, it is not certain that your receipient can receive such large mails in their inbox.
If you want to upload multiple files / folders to your briefcase at the same time, you can connect to your briefcase with the help of your computer’s file manager, through WebDAV.


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