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You do not always sit at your desk in the office and when you leave the office, do it rarely without your best friend, your mobile phone. The cell phone has become more or less as an extension of your computer. You can surf, email, and do so much more than just making calls. Among the perhaps most used tools in the mobile, when it comes to working life, are enough e-mail and calendar. Two indispensable tools that remembers your brain misses and communicating with colleagues worldwide. Do you put up your account with sync, you can actually see the cell phone as an extended arm of the tools. When you leave your job, you always keep with your email and calendar wherever you are. When you get back to work again, all the work you’ve done on the field will be reflected and synced to your computer.

I write about syncing to mobile phones here, but it works exactly the same on tablets. The technology that makes this possible is called ActiveSync, which is a software for communication between different devices, such as computers, phones and tablets. It’s so good with the synchronization is precisely that it is bidirectional – changes that you perform in your phone are also transferred to your account on your computer / browser. Would you get in trouble and loose your phone, you need not to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands. With a single keystroke, you can delete your content on your mobile.

Tips & trix for syncing

  • Set the Exchange calendar as your default calendar.
    Add something in the calendar that comes with your phone, sync it over to your Work2Go account, because it is a separate calendar.
  • The same applies to the Address Book. You need to add the contact to the person or address books you have on your Exchange account.
  • Do you have many entries in your calendar, you should choose to sync fewer days. A calendar with up to 200 posts may have problems.
  • Equally, you should not choose to sync all your emails either. Choose only sync mail from the folders you need to avoid unnecessary traffic.
  • Do you want to save on your battery, you can select Manual sync, or sync with a longer time interval. In Manual sync sync information only when the tools are used.
  • Make sure you have Push enabled if you want to see when it got into something new to your account.

Sync to Outlook

As I wrote about in a previous mailing (2011-05 Outlook extension), you can also sync your account to Outlook. What is needed is of course a Work2Go Pro Account (because the sync is only available in the Pro accounts), Outlook 2003 or later and that you install Outlook add-on your computer.

It is not just your emails, contacts and calendars synced, but also your tags, your absent message, filters, and roles. You can access shared mailboxes, address books and calendars, and you even have access to your information.


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