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Working with files on your computer – save in Work2Go

If you want to work with files in applications on your computer but then save them in your briefcase so you always have them available, you just set up a connection between your computer’s file manager and Work2Go. The connection is handled via WebDAV.

1. Find the link to your file archive


  1. Go to Briefacase tab
  2. Right-click on the briefcase you want to save the files in > select Share this folder.
    Choose Share: Public. Copy the link at the bottom by right clicking on the link > select copy link address (the link that appears is shortened due to space restrictions).
  3. Example of a link;
  4. Switch home to dav and this is the correct URL to use now.

2. Create a connection in File manager on your PC


  1. anslutStart Windows Explorer (Explorer)
  2. Tools > Connect network drive …
  3. Select the device and enter the link that you took out in
  4. Step 1 > Finish.
  5. Enter login of Work2Go.

NOTE! Some versions of Windows may have issue with this link. In this case we recommend NetDrive which is free to download and use:

Mac OS

  1. In Finder choose Go > Connect to Server
  2. Enter the link that you created in Step 1 > Connect.

3. Create a document and save it in your file archive

  1. Open a blank document in your computer.
  2. When it’s time to save, select Save As > select Work2Go disk.
  3. Next time you want to save your changes in the document, just click Save.

openIf you close the document and want to reopen it, open the file manager on your PC > click Work2Go disk. (Koala Pictures on the picture to the right)


Delete / restore to a previous version of the file

Once you’ve made a change in one of your files in the briefcase, a new version of the file will be saved. Do you regret a change, only return to the previous again.

Click on the triangle in front of the file to see all the versions saved of the file.


Right-click the version you want to delete > Delete.


Do you want to restore the file to a specific version, right-click the version you want to use > Reset current version.



File Versioning

Once you’ve made a change in one of your files in the briefcase, a new version of the file will be saved. Do you regret the change, only return to the previous version again.


The briefcase supports versioning of files. Each time you download a file, make a change to it and save it again, the file version number increase. It is always the latest version that is displayed at the top of the list in the briefcase. In this way one can easily see when the last change was made and by whom. You can go open each different version and if you do not want to keep a version, simply remove it.

Introduction to the briefcase

When you save files in the briefcase, the files will always be available, and you can share them with your colleagues.
Here we tell you more about the most useful features.

You can also open and work with your files directly in Work2Go. If you have created them in Work2Go you can continue editing them in the included word editor or in an application on your computer.

Opendoubleclick it.
Edit – click edit in the toolbar.
Move a file from one folder to another by drag and drop.
Tag a file with a tag by drag and drop.

Create a new folder

  1. ny-mappClick the gear icon next to Folders in the left column> New portfolio.
  2. Give the folder a name, a color and choose where in the hierarchy it should be saved > OK.

7_fil_till_portAdd a file to a folder

  1. Select the folder where you want to save the file.
  2. Click Upload File in the toolbar.
  3. Click Browse to locate the file.
  4. If you want to upload multiple files simultaneously Ctrl-click them.
  5. Click OK to upload it.

7_visa_portfVarious ways to display the files

You can choose how you want to view your files in folders. You do this by clicking View in the top right corner of the toolbar.

7_bildSaved images in format jpg/jpeg, gif or bmp may be previewed in Work2Go when you select it. This requires that you have enabled the view option Preview window to the right or at the bottom.

Save an attachment from an email message


  1. Click Briefcase in the message top box and the Add Portfolio is opened.
  2. Find the folder you want to save the attachment in or create a new folder by clicking Create.
  3. Click OK when finished.

NOTE! The file saved in the briefcase is a copy of the one in the e-mail. If you don’t delete the file from the e-mail message, then you will have two copies on your account, which may be unnecessary.

How to share a folder

You can share your folders in your briefcase with other users in Work2Go, but also with external guests or the public.

When you share a folder a copy of it will be placed in the other user left column. There’s no need to log into your account to access the information. You can either choose to share the top folder or a specific subfolder. If you select the top folder all underlying folders in the hierarchy will be available as well.

1. Right-click the Folder in your Briefcase you want to share and select Share Folder.
2. In the dialog box “Share Properties” you choose who you want to share your Folder with:

Internal users or groups
The user or group must have a valid email address in Work2Go. Assign them one of the following roles:

  • None: An option you use to temporarily disable access to a shared Folder without canceling the sharing. The Folder will still remain in the other person’s account, but they won’t be able to view its content.
  • Viewer: can read the content, but can’t make any changes to it.
  • Manager: has full permission to read and edit the content.
  • Admin: has full permissions to read, edit, add, delete, accept or decline invitations and administrate its content.

External guests
They can only read the content of the Folder, but can’t make any changes to it. Enter the email address of your guest and set a password.

They can only read the content of the Folder and don’t need a password for it. Hand out the URL that appears in the box below. Right-click it and select Copy link to get hold of the full URL. Anyone who knows about the URL to this Folder will be able to see its content. No one can however make any changes to it.

3. In the Message area you choose which type of message to send. This message can be sent to both internal users and external guests.
4. Click OK when you’re done.

NOTE: Keep in mind that if you have chosen Public, you will need to notify about the URL.