Yes, I’ve also got myself an iPhone now, and can’t stop my finger from swishing all over the display, here and there. It’s not only convenient but also very simple. Therefor it’s surely about time to talk about how you can access your Work2Go account on your iPhone. OK this will be written specifically for iPhones, but if you have another smartphone, you can surely follow similar steps.

Sync your Mail, Contacts and Calendar

With Work2Go Pro, you can sync your account with your mobile and always have your information available, even when you’re on the run. You can choose whether you want to sync all mails or only some. How far back in time and how often. This also applies to your Calendar and Contacts. If your mobile gets lost, you don’t need not worry about sensitive and important information leaking out. Just log into your account online and by a click, the information will be deleted from your mobile.

Send and receive Mails

If you’re only interested of managing your mails on your mobile, you can create an IMAP account. Then you can manage your inbox both on your computer and in your mobile.

Get reminders from your Calendar

If you set up a subscription to your Work2Go Calendar, you will see all your appointments and also get reminders before the meetings. With Work2Go Pro, you can also schedule additional appointments, directly in your mobile.


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