Create a contact group if you frequently send e-mails to the same people at the same time

Do you often send e-mail to the same group of people? Then it can be useful to create a contact group for this.

With a contact group, it is enough to write the name of the group when sending a message to all members. Just like a distribution list, even though you don’t need to have administrator rights to create it.


  1. Click the arrow next to New contact > select Contact group.
  2. Give them a group name and select which address book to save it by Location.
  3. Add contacts to include in the group.
  4. Search for names using the search function.
  5. Select those to be included in the Contact Group. Multiple selection with Ctrl key.
  6. You can also enter email addresses in the box below. If there are multiple separate the addresses with a comma (,).
  7. Click Add or Add all > Save at the top left of the toolbar.

NOTE! Email addresses that are added to a contact group will only be saved in your contact group, not as a separate contact in any address book. A contact group is simply a list of addresses.

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Do you already have a lot of contacts in an address book and want to avoid searching for them?

  1. Open the address book and select the contacts you want to add to a group.
  2. Right-click the selected contacts > New e-mail message.
  3. Now all contacts in a long row in the To field.
  4. Copy and paste them in the box titled Or enter addresses below> Add.

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  1. Start by exporting a list from the address book.
  2. Preferences tab > Import / Export > Export.
  3. Type: Contacts
  4. Source: choose Address Book > OK > Export.
  5. Open the .csv file and copy the addresses.
  6. Go to your address in Work2Go and create a contact group.
  7. Add the addresses in the box at the bottom right Or enter addresses below“.
  8. Add > Save.

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