Create a screenshot

When you want to show someone else your screen (eg if you received an error message that you need help to interpret) a screenshot is always helpful.

snipping_toolWindows 7/8

  1. Open the Snipping tool.
    (Start > All programs > Extras > Snipping tool).
  2. Click the arrow next to New and select the tool.
  3. Then pull out an area on your screen using your mouse to make the screenshot.
  4. Save the screenshot and attach it to an e-mail message.

Windows Vista/XP

There is a button on the computer keyboard called prt sc, print screen or something similar in the upper right corner. Usually after the F 12 key. By holding down the ALT key while pressing the Print Screen the screenshot will only contain of the current activated application window.

  1. Press prt sc/print screen (maybe even hold down ALT at the same time) and the screenshot is now saved as a clipboard.
  2. Open a new document in an image- or word processing software (such as Paint or Word) to paste your screenshot (Ctrl+V).
  3. Save or edit the screenshot and then attach it to an e-mail.

Mac OS

  • Command + Shift + 3 – a screenshot of the entire screen.
  • Command + Shift + 4 – hold down the mouse button and drag out a box to take a screenshot.
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