Make your own backup of your account

Read about how you easily can move information from one account to another or how to save your own backup.

We make backups of your account at regular intervals. So if something were to go wrong, we can always read it back to you. You can also make your own backup copy of your account if you wish. When you make an export of your account, all the data will be saved in a compressed file, a tar-gzipped (.tgz) file, which you can save to your hard drive, for example. When you make an export a copy of the data will be created. Nothing will disappear from your account. You can import the file back to your account again at a later time.

  1. Preferences > Import/Export.
    If you want to IMPORT you find your file by clicking the Browse button.
    If you want to EXPORT you select correct Type and Source.
  2. Checking the box by Advanced Settings gives you the option to select a specific folder to export.
  3. You can also set a time interval and only export attachments.
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