Introduction to the task list

Tasks is a useful tool when you want to create to-do lists. Here we tell you more about what you can do with them.


When using Tasks you get a clear overview of all projects you’re currently working on and can easily keep track of the progress of each and every one separately. While you’re working on a project, you edit its progress and other useful information in the Task you’ve created.

  • Add a start and end date, which can be changed afterwards.
  • Specify the status of its development.
  • Keep track of developments based on a percentage scale
  • Select the priority (high, normal or low).
  • Select one or more tags and sort them based on its percent or end date.
  • Get reminder notes of tasks.
  • Add notes, images, links, attachments, etc..
  • Share with others.

Move one task to another task list

  • Open the Task by double-clicking it and select another Task List in the section “Details”.
  • Drag and drop a Task to another Task list in the left column.
  • Right-click the Task > Move > select another Task List > OK.
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