Import / export information

You can import or export files, folders, e-mails, calendar or contacts on the Preferences tab on your account.

All account data is exported to .tgz format, which can also be imported back into the system again. An exported calendar gives you an .ics file, contacts a .csv file.

  1. Preferences > Import/Export.
    If you want to IMPORT you find your file by clicking the Browse button.
    If you want to EXPORT you select correct Type and Source.
  2. Checking the box by Advanced Settings gives you the option to select a specific folder to export.
  3. You can also set a time interval and only export attachments.

If you don’t have a program installed on your computer to unzip files already, we recommend you to download 7-Zip for Windows or StuffIt on your Mac. They are both free to use.


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