Can you really get rid of all spam?

No, not all of it. Only about 95-99% or so. But in all honesty it does not disappear – it is sorted.

What is considered as spam is also of subjective matter. What is spam to you might not be spam to others and vice versa. Therefore spam filtering is not an exact science. At some time now and then one slips through the spam filter in your Inbox and unfortunately, sometimes a normal email can be put into the Junk folder. This is inevitable. Even if we’d like to be able to  provide you with a 100% spam free Inbox, we can’t keep a promise like that.

What is essential however is that you can easily delete spam and retrieve emails that has accidently ended up in your Junk folder. Work2Go send out a daily overview report where you easily can retrieve any legitimate mail in your Junk folder. If you mark an email as not spam, the sender will be whitelisted and it won’t happen again.

All contacts in your Address Book is automatically whitelisted!



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