Move e-mails within an account

E-mails can be moved from your inbox and sorted into folders in different ways. Here we describe how.
  • flytta2Drag and drop the desired folder.
  • Select the message> press the M key> select folder.
  • Right-click the message> Move> the folder.
  • Click Move on the top toolbar> select the folder.

You can select multiple messages and move them at the same time, by putting a tick in the box in the list of all e-mails.
Use the keyboard key Shift + click to select multiple e-mail.

Move attachment from e-mail to your file archives

flytta-arkivClick on the briefcase at the top of the message window and select the folder to save the file.
You can also search for the folder or create a new folder.

NOTE! When you save an attached file to your briefcase, a copy of the fileis created. Delete the file in the e-mail so you save on your space on your account.

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