Why don’t I receive any e-mails?

Here we explain why you do not always get all e-mails that actually have been sent to you.

Work2Go includs a proper spam protection that include a stop frauds and other promotional messages from reaching your inbox. But when you send e-mails, it’s far from just Work2Gos spam protection that decides if a message should be delivered or not. When the e-mail is sent its delivery is controlled of various regulatory framework for spam protection, these also regulate according to a series of set rules for what is considered to be ok or not. The internet is originally a system that requires all participating online to behave nice and with good intentions, which in today’s modern society unfortunately exploited.

The reason why a message may be stuck on the way to your inbox can be…

  • message formats,
  • its contents, or
  • its attachments.
  • It can be from a supplier that has become blacklisted
    (because the former has sent out tons of spam).
  • Your inbox is already full.
  • The sender has misspelled your email address.
Contact our support if you’re missing any e-mails.
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