Preferences for e-mails

Information about different settings that you can do to your e-mail in your account.

At Preferences > Mail there are several options for handling your messages in Work2Go.

Displaying Messages

  • Select how often you want to check for new emails.
  • If you want your messages to be displayed as HTML, if formatting such as bold type should be used or not.
  • Select if you want to display snippets of the message in the email list or only the subject.
  • If you want to display an email in a new window or in a new tab when double-clicking on it.
  • If images in HTML-formatted emails should be downloaded automatically.
  • Decide when an email should be marked as read.
  • Decide in which order emails should be marked next, after moving or deleting one.
  • If you only want to display certain emails when logging in to Work2Go you can set this at “Default Mail Search”. Type in:inbox to view all emails, is:unread if you only want to see unread emails, tag: the tag’s name to only display emails with that tag, in:the folder’s name to display emails in a specific folder. In case of a sub-folder you type in:inbox/the folder’s name. NOTE! If a label or folder contains several words, use quotes around the words, ie “Unread email”.

Receiving messages

  • Play a sound.
  • Highlight the Mail tab.
  • Flash the browser title.
  • Pop up message appears.
  • Forward a copy to another email address and select if copies should be kept.
  • Create an auto-reply message.
  • How incoming read receipts request should be handled.
  • How email you sent to yourself should be handled.

Composing Messages

  • Select how you want your text to be formatted. These settings applies while working in Mail, Calendar and Documents.
  • You can also choose if you want your text to be plain text by default.
  • Automatically save a draft of an email while you’re typing it.
  • Reply/Forward email in its original format. This is useful to make sure the recipient can get the message in the best format they can read.
  • Always write emails in a new window.
  • Spellcheck always before sending an email.
  • Keep a copy in your Sent folder.
  • If you want the original message to be included or not when you’re replying or forwarding a message.

Junk Mail Options

You can block or allow messages from a specific domain or email address.
NOTE! Spam are already handled by MailSafe, which is part of Work2Go.
This is only an option to use if you want to block someone specific yourself.

Access e-mails from other email clients

Choose whether all mail or just new to be retrieved when you add a POP3 account in Work2Go. If junk mail is retrieved and how incoming deleted messages are handled.

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