Moving e-mails from another account to Work2Go

Here are a convenient way to move e-mails from another email account to your new one in Work2Go.

It is possible to move e-mails from your old e-mail program to your new in Work2Go. But think twice if it’sreally necessary? Many users testify to how good it actually felt to get a fresh new start.

Add your Work2Go-account in your old e-mail program

  1. Open the application where you have your old messages that you want to move to Work2Go.
  2. Add a new account and enter the following.
    Protocols: IMAP (not POP3!)
    Username: your login ID in Work2Go (usually your email address)
    Password: your password in Work2Go
  3. Now you can drag and drop your old messages to the / to the new folders created when you added Work2Go in your email program.
  4. When you are finished, log in Work2Go in a browser and verify that all e-mail is moved, just as you want it.
  5. Return to the old e-mail and delete it you will no longer want to keep.
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