How filters can be used to simplify your day

Using e-mail filters increases the efficiency of your work. Here we tell you how filters can help you to manage all your messages.

You can create filters based on a number of different rules to get your messages sorted in different folders and gain control of the information flow, which in turn gives you more time for other work.

You can easily have them active periodically by a click.

Filter for incoming messages

  • Sort messages into folders based on conditions such as email address, subject, size, date, content, attachments and Calendar invitation.
  • Use multiple conditions for one and the same filter.
  • Automatically tag messages with tags, a flag or as read.
  • Move incoming messages to a specific folder.
  • Forward a message to another address.
  • Discard a message. Which means that the message will not reach your mailbox at all.

Filter for outgoing messages

  • Sort outgoing messages from the sent folder to another specified folder.
  • Mark e-mails with a tag.
  • Forward outgoing messages to another e-mail address.

NOTE! After creating a filter you can run the filter through your inbox. The only thing you need to do is select the filter and then click Run filters.

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