Send to multiple contacts in an address book

If you send e-mail to multiple contacts at the same time we recommend following steps.
  1. Check your settings for e-mail addresses, you should not use addresses as bubbles now.
    Preferences > General > Other
  2. Remove the check mark that are in the box in front of Show email addresses in bubbles > Save.
  3. Open the Address Book and choose the ones you want to send to. Select multiple contacts with Ctrl + click or Shift + click to select as a serie.
  4. Right-click one of the selected contacts > New e-mail message.
  5. Select all the contacts that have now fallen into the To box, right-click > Cut.
  6. Click Show Bcc and put the cursor in the Bcc box, right-click > Paste.
  7. Enter the e-mail address in the To box because some mail servers do not accept empty To field.
  8. Send.
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