RSS feeds to your inbox

Once you have set up an RSS feed on your account, you’ll notice as soon as the information has been updated on the website as the rss comes from. Here we tell you how.

There is a simple way to know if a website has published new articles and news or blog posts. It keeps track with the help of a so-called RSS feed. In your Inbox Work2Go you can add subscription to RSS feeds that you are interested in.


  1. Find out the URL to the RSS feed. Look at the supplier’s site or ask their support.
  2. Click the gear icon located above your Inbox in the top left corner > New Folder.
  3. Give the folder an appropriate name.
  4. Check the box to subscribe to the RSS / ATOM Feed
  5. Fill in the URL of the RSS feed.
  6. Click the box below to select where the new folder will be saved. If you want it to be on the same hierarchical level as your Inbox, select the folders at the top of the box.
  7. Click OK.
  8. The new folder’s icon changes automatically into an RSS icon and the previously released posts / broadcasts starts to download.

The folder is updated automatically every 12 hours. If you want to update the content anytime, right-click the RSS folder > Load flow.

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