Ask your colleague to send emails for you

Here we tell you how you can get help from a colleague to send e-mails so that they appear to come from you without sharing your inbox.

You can give other users permission to send e-mail on your behalf, from their own account. You can share a folder you need help with, but the sharing isn’t necessary.

  1. Go to the Preferences tab > Accounts.
  2. Check that the primary account is selected and click Add Delegat at the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter the e-mail address of the person you want to delegate permissions to. This must be an internal user address (ie an e-mail address with the same domain after the @ as yours).
  4. Add the sender for the messages that will be sent on your behalf.
    Send as only your email address as the sender
    Send for both your and your colleague’s email address as the sender
  5. Click on OK to save.
  6. An email message is sent to your colleague telling you that you have given the person permission to send e-mails on your behalf. Your colleague now needs to log out and log back in to their account for the change to go through.
  7. When your colleague creates a new e-mail message s/he choose your name from the dropdown menu at the From field.
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