Create more e-mail addresses / aliases [ADMIN]

You can have an endless number of email addresses linked to your account as aliases. Log in as administrator and add them as aliases.

alias11. Login on your admin account.
All customers/domains have at least one administrator account and usually it’s the e-mail address

2. Click the arrow next to the account name in the top right corner to select the Admin Console and log into the admin interface (same login as the account that you are already logged in).


3. Click Manage in the left column and then Alias.


4. Click the gear in the top right corner > New.

5. Enter the new e-mail address you want to create, for example and then the e-mail address of the account that messages should be directed to (eg your e-mail address) > OK.

Alias is useful to create if your name in your e-mail address have differrent but common spelling variations. For example, your name is John Johnston and your e-mail address is, it could be useful to create following aliases, and

Dynamic email aliases

Work2Go also gives you the possibility to create dynamic aliases. You can write “+text” after the first part of the e-mail address, eg “”. The message will then be sent to the inbox of “”. If you then have a filter containing “+important” such message will be moved to a particular folder when they are received.


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