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Double folders sent and draft

Do you use an e-mail application on your computer? Then it is wise to link the program’s Sent and Trash folders with those on the mail server. Here we tell you how.

When adding your Work2Go account in an email application on your computer or mobile phone additional folders are created for activities performed in the other application. Folders such as Drafts, Sent and Trash.

To avoid confusion, you can link these folders so that all messages sent, whether they have been sent from a mobile or Work2Go in a browser, are saved in the same folder. In an iPhone you can link foders as follows:

Preferences > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Select your account > Account > Advanced > Mailbox

RSS feeds to your inbox

Once you have set up an RSS feed on your account, you’ll notice as soon as the information has been updated on the website as the rss comes from. Here we tell you how.

There is a simple way to know if a website has published new articles and news or blog posts. It keeps track with the help of a so-called RSS feed. In your Inbox Work2Go you can add subscription to RSS feeds that you are interested in.


  1. Find out the URL to the RSS feed. Look at the supplier’s site or ask their support.
  2. Click the gear icon located above your Inbox in the top left corner > New Folder.
  3. Give the folder an appropriate name.
  4. Check the box to subscribe to the RSS / ATOM Feed
  5. Fill in the URL of the RSS feed.
  6. Click the box below to select where the new folder will be saved. If you want it to be on the same hierarchical level as your Inbox, select the folders at the top of the box.
  7. Click OK.
  8. The new folder’s icon changes automatically into an RSS icon and the previously released posts / broadcasts starts to download.

The folder is updated automatically every 12 hours. If you want to update the content anytime, right-click the RSS folder > Load flow.

Can you really get rid of all spam?

No, not all of it. Only about 95-99% or so. But in all honesty it does not disappear – it is sorted.

What is considered as spam is also of subjective matter. What is spam to you might not be spam to others and vice versa. Therefore spam filtering is not an exact science. At some time now and then one slips through the spam filter in your Inbox and unfortunately, sometimes a normal email can be put into the Junk folder. This is inevitable. Even if we’d like to be able to  provide you with a 100% spam free Inbox, we can’t keep a promise like that.

What is essential however is that you can easily delete spam and retrieve emails that has accidently ended up in your Junk folder. Work2Go send out a daily overview report where you easily can retrieve any legitimate mail in your Junk folder. If you mark an email as not spam, the sender will be whitelisted and it won’t happen again.

All contacts in your Address Book is automatically whitelisted!



Why is it taking so long before my e-mails arrive?

Delay of e-mails may be due to greylisting, which is used in Work2Go to prevent spam. Here we explain more about it and what you can do about it.

Simplified, one can say that when greylisting is in use and a new email address is sending you an email, Work2Go ask the one who’s sending you the email to resend it and if they do, the email will be put through to your Inbox. Spammers never resend their emails and that is precisely why greylisting is so effective. Normally, the sender’s mail server tries to resend the email again after 3-6 minutes. Unfortunately, not all mail servers handle this very well, which is a major weakness and that’s when things go wrong.

Greylisting is a very effective method of fighting spam because spammers are not trying to send their messages again.

This is how it works

When greylisting is in use, three components are checked for incoming email:

  • The IP address of the sending mail server.
  • The sender’s email address.
  • Recipient’s email address.

If this combination is unknown an error message (error 451) is sent to the sending server with a requests for a resend. When a server resend the email, it will be put through. When this combination is sending you a second email, it will be checked in the greylisting database and then automatically be put through to you.

In case of unusually long delays

The reason behind long delays are misconfigured servers. Not broken servers, but misconfigured ones. What happens is that greylisting asks the other server to “try again later”. A correct configured mail server will then try again later. The problem is that many servers do not try again for several hours (or in worst cases, several days) later. A correct configured server tries to deliver it within 30 minutes. If it receives another error message it will try again, but this time wait a bit longer before the third attempt.

In case of a delay to certain recipients

If you continually have problems with the delivery time to certain recipients, we can whitelist them for you. When whitelisting an email address, greylisting is turned off for emails that is sent between specific recipients. You can whitelist both email addresses and domains you consider to be trusted. The risk with whitelisting is however an increase of spam sent to your account. But if that’s the case, we can of course turn on greylisting for you again. We can even reduce the rules for spam filtering for your email address if you often experience very long time before emails reach you. Another idea is to send us a list of domains you communicate with regularly for us to whitelist for you.

If you use an email application for Work2Go

If you use an email client such as Outlook, we recommend you to send email with our server and not through your ISP. You configure the server setting’s in your email client’s account’s preferences.

Get old messages deleted automatically

This allows you to activate your own storage policy for individual folders in Work2Go.

Once you have enabled the Message Disposing of a folder is messages deleted from the folder that are older than the specified time. This happens automatically. Should you later want to restore these deleted messages go to trash > Deleted Items.

  1. Right-click the folder and choose Edit Properties.
  2. Click the Retention tab and Enable message disposial.
  3. Enter the appropriate time and save, click OK.

The policy that gives you a warning when deleting

This allows you to activate your own storage policy for individual folders in Work2Go.

Once you have enabled the Message Storage for a folder, you receive a warning message if you try to delete a file within the specified date range. The warning message will serve as a reminder that you should not delete the file yet.

  1. Right-click the folder and choose Edit Properties.
  2. Click the Retention tab and the Enable message retention.
  3. Enter the appropriate time and save, click OK.


Find missing e-mails

By sorting your e-mail

7_visa_mejlMake sure you use the display mode Reading Pane at the bottom or the Reading Pane off by clicking on View in the toolbar in the upper right corner. And View your messages after messages.

Now you can sort your e-mails according to whether they have been flagged, tagged, sender, attachment, subject, size or date when it was sent by clicking on each title.


By searching for the message

  1. Fill in what you are looking for in the search box at the top and click on the magnifying glass.
  2. Search tab opens with the result. If you still can not find what you are looking for you now have the opportunity to refine your search using multiple filters.


Find the largest files on your account

You can easily find the messages and files that are largest in your account by sorting them in order of size, both among your e-mails and in your briefcase.


  1. Use the view mode Reading Pane at the bottom / off by clicking View on the toolbar.
  2. Click Size in the toolbar to sort by its size.


Moving e-mails from another account to Work2Go

Here are a convenient way to move e-mails from another email account to your new one in Work2Go.

It is possible to move e-mails from your old e-mail program to your new in Work2Go. But think twice if it’sreally necessary? Many users testify to how good it actually felt to get a fresh new start.

Add your Work2Go-account in your old e-mail program

  1. Open the application where you have your old messages that you want to move to Work2Go.
  2. Add a new account and enter the following.
    Protocols: IMAP (not POP3!)
    Username: your login ID in Work2Go (usually your email address)
    Password: your password in Work2Go
  3. Now you can drag and drop your old messages to the / to the new folders created when you added Work2Go in your email program.
  4. When you are finished, log in Work2Go in a browser and verify that all e-mail is moved, just as you want it.
  5. Return to the old e-mail and delete it you will no longer want to keep.

Moving e-mails between two accounts

You can move emails from one account to another by doing an export that you can then import into the other account.


Go to the Preferences tab > Import / Export: Export.

  1. At Source click All Folders and select the folder of emails to be moved > OK.
  2. Export > Save File.
  3. Under the heading Import: Browse > find the exported file

Move e-mails within an account

E-mails can be moved from your inbox and sorted into folders in different ways. Here we describe how.
  • flytta2Drag and drop the desired folder.
  • Select the message> press the M key> select folder.
  • Right-click the message> Move> the folder.
  • Click Move on the top toolbar> select the folder.

You can select multiple messages and move them at the same time, by putting a tick in the box in the list of all e-mails.
Use the keyboard key Shift + click to select multiple e-mail.

Move attachment from e-mail to your file archives

flytta-arkivClick on the briefcase at the top of the message window and select the folder to save the file.
You can also search for the folder or create a new folder.

NOTE! When you save an attached file to your briefcase, a copy of the fileis created. Delete the file in the e-mail so you save on your space on your account.

Why don’t I receive any e-mails?

Here we explain why you do not always get all e-mails that actually have been sent to you.

Work2Go includs a proper spam protection that include a stop frauds and other promotional messages from reaching your inbox. But when you send e-mails, it’s far from just Work2Gos spam protection that decides if a message should be delivered or not. When the e-mail is sent its delivery is controlled of various regulatory framework for spam protection, these also regulate according to a series of set rules for what is considered to be ok or not. The internet is originally a system that requires all participating online to behave nice and with good intentions, which in today’s modern society unfortunately exploited.

The reason why a message may be stuck on the way to your inbox can be…

  • message formats,
  • its contents, or
  • its attachments.
  • It can be from a supplier that has become blacklisted
    (because the former has sent out tons of spam).
  • Your inbox is already full.
  • The sender has misspelled your email address.
Contact our support if you’re missing any e-mails.

Why won’t my message reach the destination?

Sometimes it happens that a message bounces, which means it can not be delivered for some reason. Here we mention some examples of the most common causes.
  • The recipient does not have a valid e-mail address.
  • Recipient’s e-mail system rejects the message for one reason or another.
  • The recipient’s mailbox is full.

If your e-mail is rejected by the recipient’s e-mail system, you will receive a message. This usually contains the following information.

  • At least part of the contents of your original message.
  • Some system-generated error messages that give more information about why the e-mail was bounced.


Print a message


  1. Select the message you want to print.
  2. Click Actions on the toolbar > Print.
  3. The printable message will be open in a separate window in your browser.

The print has too small / large font size

If you want to change the font size of something you want to print from Work2Go you can increase or decrease it. Go to the Preferences tab > General > Other.


Delete e-mails

E-mails can be deleted in several ways and if you change your mind, you can easily change your mind.
  • Drag and drop to the trash.
  • Select one in the list > click Delete in the toolbar.
  • Select one in the list > right click > Delete.


Cancel previous action of deleting a message

It’s possible to cancel previous action when one has just performed an action such as deleting an email message. Just click on the Undo at the top of the page.


Recover deleted e-mail

It’s possible to retrieve deleted messages, even if they are left in your trash.

  • Right-click the Trash and select Restore deleted items.
  • Now choose if you want to read back all or just pick out one or two of them.
  • For multiple selections, hold down the Ctrl key when you select the ones you want to restore.